How to add review option at fanpage

Put anything at the Reviews Tab instantly. A Reviews Tab with no reviews looks pretty lame so just before you add the Tab, compose an email to send to several of your largest fans that asks them to leave a review on your Page. Share the direct link to your Reviews Tab so they don’t property on your wall and have to hunt for it. You may also want to inquire where you can review their products so you can return the favor.Reveal gratitude. Look at your Reviews Tab regularly to generate sure you thank everybody who visits and leaves a review

Not only is the polite, but it reflects that you are present and profile for at your Page, and your existence will help establish your business as a company leader.
Be important. If someone sends you a personal email singing the praises of the item they just bought, ask them if they would be type more than enough to share their reviews at your Reviews Tab. Chances are good they can easily do this just by cutting and pasting, and it’s a good opportunity for you to publicly share positive comments without having to ask for it. Be sure to ask immediately while the beneficial experience remains fresh in your customer’s mind.

Do you want a method to get reviews on your Facebook Page? Right now you can using the Facebook Reviews Button.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page
Step 2: Choose Edit Page > Update Page Info
Choose Edit Page > Update Page Info.
Step 3: Choose a category that also contains the location field.
For example, we advise selecting the Local Business category.
Step 4: In the address section, choose Edit and add your address
Save your task

Right now when you refresh your Facebook Page, you must see the Facebook Reviews button and the Facebook Reviews box.When you click on the Facebook Reviews Button, you will be able to keep a review.

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